domingo, agosto 27, 2006

Response to Aisha (perdón por el inglés)

Respondo a un comentario que me hizo Aisha (linda canción de Khaled por cierto).

Well, that´s an interesting comment that I would like to respond in a larger post, just few comments (and a couple of questions) :

1. Why, if you read in spanish, you write in english?

2. Según el Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua ( la palabra “gringo” no es despectiva (aunque la palabra "Indio" sí, la neutral sería "Indígena").

3. Nope, I wasn´t comparing them because I think they´re racist but because they are “wanna bes” (long story, just one quote from a former president of México: "Poor México, so far away from God and so close to United States).

4. I know pretty well the history of México and I´ll remind you that California, New Mexico and Texas were part of Mexico until the United States government...let´s say, force us to trade.

5. I´ve been many times in United States (I even dated one Texas girl which by the way called herself "gringa" in a funny way), and I feel deep respect for many people there (yep,including a lot of afro-americans), but I´ll give you one piece of advice now that you´re so interested in LatinAmerican history, check everything about “Operación Cóndor”, you´ll find interesting data about your loved country or , just for "fun", check this article.

6. I´m sorry if you felt attacked, it was not my intention, I´m also proud of my friends (but I don´t really think that the place they were born are specially important).